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Krinkle Bags | Sample Bags

This innovative change to sampling bag design allows for total evacuation of a sample bag. The Krinkle bags eliminate the need for extensive fitting configurations without concerns about dead air space created by special fittings. The Black Krinkle bags are light resistant.

Since there is total evacuation of samples or flush gases, constant test results are insured providing repeatable analyses. The random pattern of the Krinkle bags allow for the use of a zero dead volume fitting that can be placed anywhere in the bag. The Krinkle bags are available in Kynar, Tedlar, and Black Tedlar. The Krinkle bags can be manufactured with Krinkle material on both sides or on one side with the opposite side being conventional flat material of the same film.

Black Krinkle Bag
Black Krinkle Bag
Clear Krinkle Bag
Clear Krinkle Bag

Krinkle Bags from Kynar Prices:
Size Cat. # Price Quantity
6" x 6" ASK5349KB $12.65
7" x 7" ASK5350KB $12.95
9" x 9" ASK5351KB $15.20
10" x 10" ASK5352KB $16.75
12" x 12" ASK5353KB $19.40
12" x 18" ASK5354KB $22.70
18" x 18" ASK5355KB $33.05
Krinkle Bags from Tedlar Clear or Black Prices:
Size Cat. # Price Quantity
6" x 6" ASF5349KB $11.05
7" x 7" ASF5350KB $11.55
9" x 9" ASF5351KB $13.10
10" x 10" ASF5352KB $14.35
12" x 12" ASF5353KB $16.45
12" x 18" ASF5354KB $19.10
18" x 18" ASF5355KB $27.35
24" x 24" ASF5356KB $38.30
*Prices are subject to change without notice.