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Snap-n-Seal Bags | Snap and Seal Bags

Snap and Seal BagsThe Snap-n-Seal sampling bags are sealed on three sides and open on one end. The maximum opening is 12 inches but there is no limit to the length. Closing of the bag is completed with a positive "Snap and Seal" system. Snap-n-Seal bags allow you to sample solids or liquids that are impossible to do with standard inert sampling bags and fittings. These bags can be made with Kynar Teflon, Tedlar and Black Tedlar (for light sensitive applications), as well as other materials. Fittings for extra testing applications can be installed in any location based on your needs.

®Tedlar - Registered Trademark of DuPont Company
®Teflon - Registered Trademark of DuPont Company
®Kynar - Registered Trademark of Atofina

Please note: Tedlar is in very short supply, please call for availability


Snap and Seal prices with Tedlar 2 mil

Size Cat. # Price Quantity
6" x 6" AS/SS7349 $21.50
7" x 7" AS/SS7350 $21.65
9" x 9" AS/SS7351 $25.15
10" x 10" AS/SS7352 $26.05
12" x 12" AS/SS7353 $28.10
12" x 18" AS/SS7354 $30.90
*Prices are subject to change without notice.